Running Rabbit

Gicleé Print
Running Rabbit - A Paintng by Joy Fisher Hein
This painting is filled with some of the native wildlife and native plants, that have graced our little piece of the Texas Hill Country. Most of the hummingbirds, except the Ruby-throated and Black-chinned hummers, have either been migrating or blown off course, that have visited my feeders. Can you find? Blue-throated hummingbird, Black-chinned hummingbird, Green Violet-ear hummingbird, Leucistic hummingbird, 2 Magnificent hummingbirds, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Rufous hummingbird; Black Swallowtail butterfly, Common Buckeye butterfly, Gulf Fritillary butterfly, 3 Monarch butterflies, 2 Sleepy Orange Sulphur butterflies; 3 Bumblebees, Hover Bee, 3 European Honey Bees; 2 Texas Jackrabbits, Gray Fox; Blue Gilia, 2 Crabapple trees, Easter Red Columbines, Pink Phlox, Prairie Verbena, Purple Horsemint, Spider Worts, Widow’s Tears and White Milkwort.

Original Size - 30" x 24"
Large - 20" x 16"
Small - 14" x 11"