To Everything There Is A Season

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To Everything There Is A Season

I celebrate our four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with the special earthly uniqueness, showing us our own precious life cycle.

I painted a symbolic Peach Tree of Life, a member of the Rosaceae family.
Enjoy the delicate fragrant Spring rose blossoms.
Summer, collects the Sun’s energy in green leaves which sweeten luscious fuzzy fruit.
Autumn’s shorter, cooler days trigger leaves to stop making food, loose their green color, exposing their glorious reds and golds. Colorful leaves fall to earth, protecting and feeding their tree’s roots.
Winter, with exposed bare branches, collect snow, that will melt and water every expanding roots, preparing for Spring.

My Tree of Life, is surrounded by migrating birds, can you find the birds I painted?  Clockwise, Gray Catbird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Mississippi Kite, In the distance, Swallows, female Purple Martins, American Robin, Barn Swallows, Cedar Waxwing, Whooping Crane, Canada Goose, Green Jay, Geese, Cerulean Warbler, Tree Swallows, Swans, Cardinal, Eastern Screech Owl, America Goldfinch and Blue Bird.

Can you find these wildflowers? Winecups, Foxglove, Butterflyweed, Wild Strawberries, Pink Evening Primrose and Mullen.

Can you find other wildlife species?
Rat Snake, Gray Fox, Large Mouth Bass, Sunfish, Perch, Texas River Cooter and Minnows.

Winner of The People's Choice Award, KACC IMAGES Show

Large -  20" x 16"
Small - 14" x 11"